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Curious about this forum

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Posted 2019-June-25, 07:12

Hi all

Very curious. There are forums for novice-beginner, intermediate-advanced and expert on this site. Despite having played for many years and regarding myself as reasonably good intermediate I have regularly posted queries and hands that I think fit in the beginner-novice category though many I accept are more advanced. However regularly I see posts and replies that are well beyond beginner-novice. Conversely I often see fairly basic stuff on more advanced forums.

I'm a big fan of total anarchy, disregard of rules, categories, structures and boxes but any novice-beginner on top of everything posted on this forum would be a very good player

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Posted 2019-June-25, 07:29

It is very true that answers in the Novice/Beginner forum are often too advanced or complicated. It is a pity,
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Posted 2019-June-25, 10:26

My understanding is that the primary difference between this forum and others is not so much related to the sophistication of the reponses, but rather

1. The expectations regarding the knowledge base of those posting questions
2. The amount of lee way that individuals get when posting questionable content
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Posted 2019-June-25, 11:36

Beginners sometimes post tough questions that aren't really beginner level, have more nuances than they initially appreciate. They aren't suitable to two sentence "this is the only right call because ..." type answers. In bridge, there are multiple bidding systems, and multitudes of styles within those systems. There is often more than one way to skin the cat. It's valuable to know that one partner may assume one style while another may assume another, so you aren't surprised there is a misunderstanding on a certain sequence, and can avoid such sequences with new partners.

IMO most of the beginners who enter here can appreciate more thorough, complex answers. I know when I started out bridge decades ago reading r.g.b. on Usenet a lot of stuff flew over my head initially, but I still appreciated that the information flowed freely. I'd rather have too much info and filter out the stuff I can't use (because partner won't agree to such sophistication/can't remember), than have the info withheld from me because the poster who's answering assumes I'm too dumb or can't utilize a more thorough understanding of the issue.

The ones who just want one straight answer (even though in reality there are multiple valid opinions), no options, and no detail, IMO aren't the ones to read and participate in forums like this one. They don't read books, don't read magazines, don't read forums. They just go to the club/senior center and just play, once in a great while they might ask a good player an opinion on a bid.

So I try to craft my answers as if I am teaching a current bright beginner who will probably surpass me in skill sooner or later and play in the Bermuda Bowl. Or at the least try to compete in NABC level events or the equivalent in their country. Not trying to teach a 65 year old new retiree getting back into bridge whose sole ambition is to scrape together enough gold points in the 750- gold rush events to make life master before they kick the bucket.
Now if a bunch of posters now chime in and say "Stephen, please dumb it down", I'll change my approach.

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